Author: Karen Witemeyer

With All My Heart Romance Collection

With All My Heart Romance Collection

THIS COLLECTION CONTAINS LOVE BY THE LETTER (Which has previously only been available as an ebook)- Readers will take a journey across America and through time in this collection of five novellas from some of Christian fiction's top writers. Originally released as ebooks, the novellas--moving, faith-filled and deeply romantic--now find print for the first time. The collection includes: Karen Witemeyer's "Love on the Mend," set in post-Civil War Texas, tells the story of two competing doctors. Jody Hedlund's "Out of the Storm" finds a desperate woman shipwrecked near a Michigan lighthouse. Melissa Jagears' "Love by the Letter" is an unexpected mail-order-bride prairie story. Sarah Loudin Thomas' "Appalachian Serenade" finds love in a small-town West Virginia store. Finally, Jen Turano's "Gentleman of Her Dreams" tackles the New York social season. More info β†’
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With This Ring?

With This Ring?

THIS COLLECTION CONTAINS "ENGAGING THE COMPETITION" Humorous Historical Romance Novella Collection Offers Love and Laughs More info β†’
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Hearts Entwined

Hearts Entwined

THIS COLLECTION CONTAINS "TIED AND TRUE." Four top historical romance novelists team up in this new collection to offer stories of love and romance with a twist of humor. Melissa Jagears' "Tied and True" entertains with a tale of two hearts from different social classes who become entwined at a cotton thread factory. More info β†’
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0 Responses to Author: Karen Witemeyer

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  2. Mike H

    Hi Melissa,

    I really like what you’ve done here, just the thing I was looking for!

    To save you from copying and pasting the same block of code, try this version. You can then just edit the list of words in one place.

    Sub HighlightWeaselWords()
    ' HighlightWeaselWords Macro
    ' Define list of Weasel words
    Dim weasels() As Variant
    weasels() = Array("increasingly", "best", "hoped", "it is agreed", "likely", "need to", "complex", "full", "proven", "would", "should", "could", "often", "generally", "usually", "probably", "significant", "easily", "some", "most", "better", "worse", "soon", "many", "few", "faster", "slower", "higher", "lower", "very", "extremely", several, exceedingly, "many", "few", "vast", "tiny", "interestingly", "surprisingly", "remarkably", "clearly", "various", "a number of", "fairly", "quite", "completely", "relatively", "substantially", "improved", "just", "it was", "often", "for the most part", "rarely", "really", "in a sense", "in a way")
    ' Iterate through the list.
    For Each Item In weasels
        Selection.Find.Replacement.Highlight = True
        With Selection.Find
            .Text = Item
            .Replacement.Text = Item
            .Forward = True
            .Wrap = wdFindContinue
            .Format = True
            .MatchCase = False
            .MatchWholeWord = True
            .MatchWildcards = False
            .MatchSoundsLike = False
            .MatchAllWordForms = False
        End With
        Selection.Find.Execute Replace:=wdReplaceAll
    End Sub


  3. melissajagears

    Thanks for the tip, Mike. For anyone seeing this, for some reason you can’t see a bit of the code. The list ends like this:

    “it is agreed,” “your last word”)

    The list he typed out doesn’t show up, especially the end part which I’m sure is very necessary

  4. melissajagears

    Glad you liked it. I recalled when I first started writing that newbies would ask what these “weasel word things were” and you’d get a smattering of words from different people, but there wasn’t a real comprehensive list. AND trying to explain why the word “wondered” and “just” were both weasel words, well, I decided to make myself a comprehensive list. Over time, I’ve added a few that I’ve realized weren’t on anyone’s list that I found.

    And thankfully, the longer I write after killing these many times over, the less I see of them! πŸ™‚

  5. Renee C.

    I just saw that it’s up for pre-order on Amazon so I clicked the like button and then headed straight over here to check and see if you had the cover and blurb because Amazon doesn’t yet! I’m in love with the cover and can’t wait to read it.

    Renee C.

    • melissajagears

      Ahhhh! Renee, I’m on Amazon??? How Cool. :^D And I KNOW–the cover is so awesome, I got the designer to print me off a poster so I can just stare at it all day long. ha ha **Um, I’m not kidding**

  6. Virginia

    We’re all coming over here from someone mentioning this in the 1k1hr site. Weasel words now has a list. Reference point- Melissa’s blog.
    P.S. I haven’t been here since you revamped. VERY NICE! Did you do this yourself?? So truly beautiful.

    • melissajagears

      Thanks, Virginia, yes I did it myself. I wanted it to sorta match my Index, but wanted this site on WP instead of blogger where it was……spending time tweaking websites is one of my many procrastination methods. πŸ™‚

  7. Amber Perry

    This is awesome Melissa!! Thank you for sharing this–I’m going to adopt it. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to read your book–and of course feature you too, if you’re up for it. Let me know!

  8. Natalie Monk

    I love this book and getting to take this lesson from it after you’ve done all the hard work of dissecting is fabulous! Thank you so much!

    I struggled reaching my word count goal with my last MS, so I had to do something similar. Went back in an Excel document, wrote one line for every scene I had, then went back and dropped in new conflict scenes for each goal. Hope it works. I guess I’ll find out when I start subbing. πŸ™‚

  9. Neil Larkins

    Saw your comment on Rachelle’s blog on Books and Such. Great list and I am so guilty. Now I can reduce my 26,000 word short story Three words. Back to work.

  10. Laurean Brooks

    So…what’s left? LOL. Seriously,(Oops! an “ly” word), you covered a lot of ground here. Thanks for for the list. I saw several of my “repeat” words in it.

    Let’s see. After I cut all these words from my 80,000-word ms, I should have about…40,000 words left. LOL.

  11. Joyce

    I also found this list through Books & Such. Have written a post linked here to remind myself of this helpful information when the time comes. Need to write the words first πŸ™‚ Thanks, Joyce

  12. Neil Larkins

    Hi, Melissa –
    I made a comment to this list a few weeks ago and now have a second thought about several of your weasel words: was, wasn’t, were and weren’t. I’d been working on my memoir and went back to see how many of those words had worked into the text. Plenty! Yet when I tried to edit them out or replace them with more acceptable words, I became stuck. I could take out a few but not nearly as many as I’d hoped. Then a couple weeks ago in a recent issue of Readers Digest I read a memoir article by Ann Patchett. Titled “The 11-Year Engagement” it was taken from her book, This is the Story of a Happy Marriage. I learned that Ms Patchett has written eight bestselling books (none of which I’ve read) and became surprised as to how often she used the words was, wasn’t, were, and weren’t. The story is filled with the words so much that it seemed she had no concern as to their frequent appearance. This discovery puzzled me. I wondered, is it OK to use those words that often in a memoir, or is it OK once you are a famous, multi-published author? I’ve concluded that perhaps your inclusion of these words in a weasel list is not warranted. Or am I wrong? Your comments. Thanks.

  13. mjagears Post author

    Neil, I added more description to my lists to help people figure out why they should edit the word, so look back up top again to see if any of that makes things clearer for you. πŸ™‚

    “Was” and the others can be perfectly acceptable in a book. But there are often stronger ways to say something.

    He was eaten by zombies.
    would be better as
    Zombies ate him.
    Making this sentence active.

    She was looking at a magazine.
    would be better as
    She looked at a magazine.
    Making this sentence less wordy and more immediate.

    He was beat.
    Would be better as
    He slumped in his chair, his head hitting the headrest with a thump.
    That “was” was as a linking verb, grammatically that would be a perfectly acceptable, non-wordy way to use “was,” but it’s telling. So I rewrote it as a showing sentence.

    As to best-sellers getting away with lazy writing….yes, that happens, but as a newbie trying to break into a market, gain an agent or editor interest, why give them any reason to reject you. They won’t care if Stephen King does it, they already have King and he has millions of followers that will buy his books printed on kleenex. It’s your writing they’re going to be inspecting with a fine tooth comb looking for reasons to reject. πŸ™‚

    These lists are not “get rid of all these words!!!” it’s “check all these words because they often indicate weak writing and make the decision”

    Hope that helps, Neil.

  14. Neil Larkins

    It’s helped more than you know, Melissa. I’d printed out that list and intend to keep it nearby. Thanks…and for confirming my assertion that established authors get away with what we newbies cannot. Keep up the good work.

  15. Wilani Wahl

    I find it hard to believe that someone rated your book so low. I absolutely loved it. I hope you are doing well and enjoying life with your newborn and his siblings. Keep up the great work!

  16. Martha J. Sturm

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and not everyone likes what I read. Seriously? One star! I would give it 5 stars!!!

  17. Naomi Rawlings

    What a fun party! See, isn’t this so much better than celebrating a one star review? What WAS that reviewer thinking anyway? I totally agree with the others on that.

    Congratulations on a book that’s both well written and well loved. πŸ™‚

  18. Paula Osborne

    Hi Naomi, wow what a party you guys know how to party down…love the gifts too, I am wanting to read this one..Congrats on the reviews.
    Paula O

  19. Naomi Rawlings

    Well, I baked a cake for this party so that Melissa could celebrate in style, and I would love to post a picture of it. But it just so happens that our camera accidentally got taken home with my parents and is now en route back to us, and my smart phone isn’t working at the moment, so I can’t even take a picture on that.

    So everyone please imagine a chocolate cake with coconut cream frosting. It says “101” and has four blue stars on it. Congratulations Melissa!

  20. Bonnie

    Sorry for the 1 star review, Melissa, I know they are dreaded by all authors, but SO happy to see that you are taking it in stride, & joking about it! I’m not a writer, but feel it is inevitable that authors eventually receive a 1 star review, because there is just no way every reader can be pleased. The 5 star reviews, hopefully, recompense for the 1 stars.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of either of the 2 books! Would love to read both of them!


  21. Donna B

    I would give your book more than 1 star just from reading about it!!! I haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet but it sounds like a great book to me!!

  22. Pam K.

    I don’t understand people who would give a book a one star review. If they didn’t think they’d like it, why even bother to read it? I’ve seen some very good reviews for your book. I’m glad you are staying positive about it. I’d love to win your book so thanks for having this giveaway.

  23. Abbi Hart

    So my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to read the one 1 Star review. WOW-I don’t think I’ve read a meaner and less true review! She was completely wrong about everything!It was clear that she doesn’t like this genre so I’m kinda confused as to why she’s upset that she didn’t like a book that she knew she wouldn’t like! That’d be like me reading a horror book and then getting mad that I didn’t like it. I really can’t understand why people write things like that! It’s just mean and not helpful! And now that I’m done ranting about how awful that review I’ll end by saying how much I adored your book! It was one of my favorite books I’ve read this year and I’ve read almost 200. Keep up the great work!

  24. Brittany McEuen

    Well, that is definitely not a one star book! I truly enjoyed it and look forward to reading more of your stories. But happy for the “party”!

    • mjagears Post author

      Hey Stefanie! Thanks for being my very first guestbook person! So happy you liked the book, there are two more in the series, hope you like them as well. The next one (with the hero being William Stanton) will be out in September.

  25. brandis

    I really loved this book. I found my self not being able to put it down. Now I am starting the continuation of this one. Its hard to find the perfect book and author andi think I may have just got a third. Keep writing ill be done with this one in no time. Thank you.

    • mjagears Post author

      Thank you, Brandis, for stopping by! I hope you like the next one. I’ll keep writing if you keep reading. πŸ™‚

  26. Barbara

    MELISSA GREAT book. I have read 100s of Christian fiction books over the years. I am pleased that I can add your name to authors to watch for. I fell in love with both your main characters. I Can’t wait for William’s story. May God use your books to strengthen those of us who believe and shine a bright light for the lost to Find Christ.

  27. Rita Fisher

    I’ve just finished Books 1 & 2 of the Unexpected Brides Series and looking forward to Book 3. I wanted to Pre-order this in ebook. Could you tell me if this book will come in ebook form? If so when it can be pre-ordered.

    Thank you,
    Rita Fisher.

    • mjagears Post author

      Rita, so glad you liked the books. I looked but you’re right the ebook isn’t up yet, but it will be in ebook form. I am unsure when the ebook pre-order buttons will go up, it’s up to the distributors, the publisher gives them the information but they all seem to go at different speeds about getting it out there. Some possible ways you might find out is to follow my facebook author page or sign up for my newsletter, I’ll probably announce it there when I see it, but even if I don’t, seeing me in either your FB newsfeed or in your email occasionally might remind you to check for that preorder button every so often. πŸ™‚ And thanks for wanting to preorder!

  28. Holly Nel

    Melissa, your first book A Bride For Keeps kept me so engaged! I loved it! I ran it to it by chance at our library while looking, as my “regular” authors were all checked out. I’m so glad I did. Except my first night reading you kept me up til 3am. I’m looking forward to the next one! And I’m an aspiring writer myself, so thank you so much for sharing all the helpful links and resources. I’ve been a copy writer as a profession, and do much marketing/writing for our business now, but soon hope to write my first novel.

    • mjagears Post author

      Yay for a busy library! Glad you found me. πŸ™‚ And I stay up til 2am sometimes even 4 (bad bad me) writing, so it seems I keep people up reading that late as well. I’m glad you found my resources helpful, so many people online helped me when I started out, I wanted to share the best stuff I found that helped me.

  29. Phyllis Autry

    I have read the first two books. I am so excited about this third book. You see both me and my granddaughter (Clarity) are in this book. I hope we can continue to be part of stories as they continue to many more books you will write. I am letting all my friends and family know. Thank you!

  30. Vicki V.

    I some across your books while searching for new books for my nook. Once I read the free novella, I couldn’t wait to read the 2 full novels, & I was not disappointed! After reading A Bride for Keeps, I preordered A Bride in Store & was just enamored with it when it came out. Please keep writing!

    • mjagears Post author

      Vicki, thanks for letting me know! There were many times I wanted to give up…..well there are still many times I want to give up. πŸ™‚ But so glad you’re enjoying what I’m doing! Thanks for reading! A Bride at Last is coming too, hopefully you’ll enjoy that one just as much.

  31. Aritha

    I read this week, two books of yours! What a surprising stories. For me as Dutch woman an unknownhistory. I like it! I am also a writer of historical stories but I write about the period around the Christianization of Europe. Welcome to my blog by the way. I have a translation button πŸ™‚

    • mjagears Post author

      Aritha, thanks for stopping by to tell me! Good luck with your writing and don’t you love the translation button? πŸ™‚

  32. Annette

    Melissa, thank you for your wonderful book(s). I just read “A bride for keeps” and I could not stop before I read the last page (sorry for my family, but housekeeping had to wait). You wrote it so good and specially the things you wrote in the last chapters about Gods love for all of us, no matter what we did or do, makes the book a “must-read” for every woman. Most of us think they are not good enough for our loving God, but He already gave his Son for our sin, because He love us so much!
    “Love by the letter” was really too short and I was so happy that I could go on by reading “A bride for keeps”. I can’t wait until “Bride in store” will be translated in Dutch.
    Please go on writing books for us. God gave you this talent!!!

    • mjagears Post author

      Annette, thanks for coming by and letting me know how you liked the book. Novella’s are short aren’t they. πŸ™‚ But I’m happy that Dex and Rachel appear throughout the series so they haven’t “ended.” A Bride in Store will be out in Dutch, just not sure when!

  33. Melodie Harris

    Great post, Melissa. Thank you! I have never had anyone show me how to create a macro in Word. I look forward to doing that.

    In case you’re wondering how I found this post, I too found a link to you from the Books & Such blog after someone had linked that post from I recently Goggled middle grade writers and that site came up and referred to Rachelle’s post on B&S.

    I just (just seems to be one of my fav weasel words) started studying the industry this past spring, and I’m sure I’ll be accessing your site more. Thanks for such clear explanations. Your tact & kindness with Neil’s request above was impressive. Best wishes.

    • mjagears Post author

      Glad you found me, Melodie! Have fun building your macro, it really is kinda fun. And good luck with your middle grade books, one of my crit partners writes MG. Glad to have you come back anytime. πŸ™‚

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  35. Deborah Johnson

    I really enjoyed The Love Letter story, but I am not sure what happened on my tablet because every so many pages it would say download. I would try to download the page and nothing happened then I would miss parts of the story. I kept on reading around the pages because I enjoyed the story very me much. I also read Bride for Keeps and Bride in Store before reading the love letter book. I liked being able to see how everybody revolved around each other. I just wish I didn’t have the blank pages. Looking forward to reading more of your books.

    • mjagears Post author

      Hello Deborah!
      Thanks for reading my books. Glad you enjoyed them, hope you enjoy those coming up. A Bride at Last was fun for the epilogue when I got everyone in it. πŸ™‚
      As to the blank pages, that sounds like a hardware problem. Here’s three options that might take care of it.

      Delete the book then redownload.

      Change the font back and forth to see if that makes a difference.

      Perform a hard restart (30-second power button hold or whatever your tablet requires you to do to go off instead of just to sleep).

      If I were to try one first, it would be the hard restart, it fixes a lot of my wonky kindle problems!


    Melissa I just finished reading A Heart Most Certian. I wrote on this guestbook in 2014 that I would be watching for your new books and I have. I have enjoyed all of them but this one touched my heart. I was so convicted after reading A Heart Most Certian. I had to ask myself do I truly reach out in love to the lost around me in a sacrificial way? Could I be doing more for God’s Kingdom? I love that the couple in this book opened their hearts and home to society’s forgotten. May Jesus use this book to remind all your readers that He can use all of us to Show His love.I also loved the Pastors wife. Thanks for the reminder that work for the Lord without the right reason and heart motive is just work. Jesus is worthy of all our praise and glory and efforts. Keep writing πŸ™‚

  37. Jeanette Durkin

    I’ve never read your books, but I love finding new author and I love historical fiction. I like to feel like I’m learning something as well as connecting with the characters!

  38. Diane Engelhardt

    Christian historical fiction it is my favorite genre. I wanted to read more of your books so I checked out my public library and was disappointed they did not have one of your books. I have currently asked them to start stocking them. Pray with me they will. I love when a historical fiction book takes me back to the time period and really gives me an accurate look into what life was like at that time.

  39. Annie JC @JustCommonly

    Hi! Love the new cover!!

    I like to see CF reach mainstream bookstores, and not just categorized as CF. I think cliches many readers have about CF is that it gets preachy. I appreciate your stories that dealt with real problems that readers can relate to, without going into full on preacher mode. I would like to see more diversity in the social systems in the historical settings that doesn’t stereotype one from the other for the readers. Understandable when it is through the eyes of the characters.

  40. Eldon Overstreet

    I want more stories that educate about the history of America-good and bad. And how folks lived-highlighting how their faith in God was “a” or “the key” factor that brought them happiness or the victory they needed

  41. Gail Hollingsworth

    I enjoy a little of real history along with romance of that time. Maybe a comment on something that happened by word of mouth or from a article or headlines in a paper if they had one.
    I never liked history in school much but it’s fun to read it in a fiction book as long as it’s accurate.

    • Ashley

      Orphan Trains. Orphan Asylums. I have several books on the subject. Anne Mateer wrote one awhile back. There is a new series coming out. I can’t recall the author right now. I believe it’s a red head facing a train on the cover. I have been reading about the subject for decades. Many adoptions were not legal. There is a public television special on the subject as well.

  42. Rosie

    I hope you continue to have characters who struggle with their faith and overcome the obstacles in their lives. I enjoy how you develop your characters so that some I love and some I want to shoot. I like a happy ending but not necessarily having all of my questions answered so that I can ruminate on the story.

  43. Kailey Bechtel

    I’m new to your books. But I’m not very picky when it comes to Christian historical fiction. I enjoy most of the topics.

  44. Peggy Hart

    In Christian Historical Novels not only do I enrich my knowledge of historical facts. I am a lover of tidbits. I also see how the trials of the characters, often common to modern trials, are solved by turning the issues over to Our Love. These trials frequent mine and by using the bible verses move my feet back to the right path.

    Oh and do ENTER ME!

  45. Susan

    I like the time period that you write about. I like the love/hate/love relationship that your main characters have with each other and how it turns into love at the end. I can’t point to any one thing in particular that I like about your books but when I see you have a new one out I want to read it because I know it will be good.

  46. Amanda Tero

    I haven’t read any of your work yet, but what I enjoy is a good, solid plotline apart from the romance (instead of the romance being THE plotline). This doesn’t mean NO romance, just a balance. πŸ˜‰

  47. Abigail Mitchell

    I’ve read 2 of your books, and loved them! Its been awhile though, so don’t know that I can give input. :/ Christian Historical fiction is my favorite though. πŸ˜€ And my favorite time period is the time that you set your books, late 1800s. Enter me. πŸ™‚

  48. Chery Barker

    Melissa, I loved how you tackled tougher topics and had a meatier approach with your last book A Heart Most Certain. I may not be your typical reader, though, because I do like meatier stories that are lighter on the romance element. All of the angst of the two coming together and the talk of muscles rippling, etc. tends to drive me crazy πŸ™‚ By the way, from a writer’s point of view, I can count on your books to be well-written. All the best with this new one!

  49. sharon miller

    Your novels are interesting, fast moving and not too slow, interesting plots, good romance and endearing characters. I like your books.

  50. Connie Saunders

    Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres and I love that you include hope and inspiration in your books. After reading a historical fiction book, I want to have learned something new or challenged to research more of the topic matter. Your inspiring messages woven into the story refresh and renew my spirit!
    Blessings and thank you for a chance to win!

  51. Jonella Moore

    I would like to see more books set in Bibical times, especially the times of Christs life and the early church. I enjoy reading books in that time frame.

  52. Patti Rhyne

    Melissa, I have read all your books and have a list of my favorite authors and you are definitely on it. I like the 1800-1900’s time period and you write where at the end your readers are waiting expectantly for the next book to appear! Thank you and please keep writing!

  53. Ann O'Mealey

    What I like is you can expect the unexpected. There are always new characters along with the ones we have already grown to love from previous books. The stories show the conflict within each person about their true relationship with God and how they want to make changes. You have a way of weaving unusual, but believable, situations for the characters into each story. Like in life, not everything is perfect for everyone, but there is always a HEA for the principal characters. I enjoy epilogs showing how their lives are going years down the road and the obstacles they faced. When I describe your books to friends I tell them they are a must read and the stories will have you thinking about them long after the book is complete. They make you question β€œWhat would I do if I was in that situation?” I just finished β€œA Bride in Store” great book with a lot of twists and turns.

  54. Melissa Romine

    I’ve read a couple of your books. What I really enjoyed in A Heart Most Certain is the manner that you addressed the difficult subjects and left me with questioning my own beliefs and feelings in dealing with those who are not like me, but who are loved by the same God, in the same way. I felt a lot of feelings when reading that novel and found myself looking up scriptures to help me look at others the way God does. I read both historical and contemporary, but I love a book with a message that sends me to my Bible.

  55. Kari R

    I have yet to read your books, but they are out all the time here at our library. Comments I hear about Christian fiction are: “I don’t want to be spoon fed scripture, but having it woven in the story subtly is so much better.” “I enjoy having the characters experience ‘real’conflicts and seeing how they rely on God to get them through”. I personally love Christian Historical fiction – anything before 1900 is fascinating! Good luck in the new series!

  56. Christy Maurer

    I’ve only read A Heart Most Certain, but I loved it! I think the Amish genre is over. I haven’t read any of those in years. I like Regency Christian Fiction a lot. I also like ones that are set in the early-ish days of American history. I read almost every genre, but I do think some of them get overused. If a story is well-written, it can be any genre and do well.

  57. Mindy Houng

    I have read one book and a novella and absolutely love your writing. Historical fiction is so much fun, even if many themes are used frequently!

  58. Amanda

    I also enjoy most books that are set in your time frame. I enjoy most believable romances not the ones where they go from meeting to being in love in a chapter but the ones that involve some type of conflict along the path. Mail order brides / marriage of convienence are one of my favorites because they have to learn to love each other after the wedding.

  59. Makaela Casper

    I have only read one of your books and I loved it! I would like to read more and am hoping one of my libraries gets some more of your books in. Historical romances are my absolute favorite thing to read and I am always excited to read more of them! Thank you!

  60. Mary Lou Kleveland

    I have only read one of your books but I loved it. What I appreciate most about any book that is read is for the book to have genuine characters. I want the characters to be real and flawed and relatable. I want to see them struggle in their faith as we all do at times but ultimately to know their hope is only found in Christ. I love reading a wide variety of scenarios and settings. What I love most in a book is to actually want to meet the characters in the book in real life (so wish this was possible sometimes) and go visit their town and participate in their activities. If I feel this way as I read and after I finish reading the book, then I know it was a winner. I guess I would sum it all up by saying “Write so I care about the characters and their struggles and life”. Thanks for letting me weigh in on future books!!

  61. Cindy Regnier

    Melissa! I am so excited about your new series! What do I love about your books? First of all I am partial to Kansas authors and read as many of those books as I can. Secondly, your heroines always have that quality of a little extra spunk. That determination that makes them go the extra mile to get what they want in a male dominated world. A Bride in Store was my favorite because of that very thing!

  62. Mary

    I enjoy Christian historical fiction where the Christian faith is a true part of the lives of the characters, not just thrown in the story as an afterthought or just so the story can be called Christian fiction.

  63. Kimberly

    I love your rich descriptions that make the rader feel like they arr actually there in person. The story lines are so interwoven and keep your attention throughout the whole book so that you never hit a “slow spot”. Each character’s faith is modeled in such a way that you can relate to their struggles and be encouraged by their actions and reactions. I look forward to each new release and wish they came out more often.

  64. Kerri

    I love the development of your characters. I really love how a relationship with Christ is key to live a full forgiven life. That’s how I have recommended your books. The unexpected bride series still swirls in my mind, especially A Bride For Keeps. I love the chemistry between your characters, yet they stay clean. I look forward to reading your newest series which is on my TBR pile. Thanks for writing.

  65. Kim

    I have only read A Heart Most Certain – which I really enjoyed. It really stood out to me because you touched on a topic that most would shy away from. You wrote it in such a way that was very tasteful yet didn’t stay away or sugarcoat from what really went on back then. I also loved the character development of both Lydia and Nicholas especially Lydia and her struggle to do what was truly right not just what looked right. Many times you don’t see the main characters develop all that much. I’m so looking forward to book two!

  66. Gloria

    I always enjoy reading your historical fiction and when I am done reading them I pass them on to our church library for others to read.

  67. Kathy Seigel

    Oh my, Melissa! It is hard to come-up with the exact words on why I love your books. First, I know the Author! It is so exciting to read your books and feel like I have a connection with the Author. Second, I love Christian Fiction and Historical Fiction–yours have both! Thirdly, You always seem to have a little different “spin” on each book. I never quite know where it’s leading me! That keeps me intrigued. I simply tell people when I’m suggesting the read your books that they will definitely enjoy it.

  68. MS Barb

    I haven’t read any of your books, yet, but I do enjoy historical fiction! I like to read about some of the customs, different words/phrases that might have been used during that time period, some of the food/meal choices, who was president, how people survived the great depression–I like suspense w/ clean romance–

  69. Darlene Ysaguirre

    I have recently started expanding my reading genres and this was by far one of the easiest to get into. I would love to see more women in a power roll i know this was not really an era for women to take charge and the lead. I would really enjoy reading about a woman in charge.

  70. CutePolarBear

    I would love to enter! I don’t believe I’ve read any of your books, but I enjoy Christian historical fiction very much. πŸ™‚ I like it when the historical era is represented well in such novels. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!


  71. Terressa T.

    Love the cover.
    I enjoy your books. The character development always draws me in as a friend. I love the reality you place on your stories.

  72. Winnie Thomas

    I’d love to win a copy of your new book. I’ve heard a lot of good things about your books and hope to read some of them soon. I enjoy reading Christian historical fiction, and I’m not fussy about the time period as long as the characters are relatable and realistic.

  73. Patty

    I think I have only read the free novella and first book of your first series, that was quite a while ago, so I don’t have a really strong idea of your writing.
    I do love historical fiction, !

  74. Sandra Spilecki

    Such a pretty cover. I like details like that that just invite you to read. May will be here sooner that you think considering how this year is flying by.

  75. Adrienne Everitt

    I love Christian Historical Fiction, and I used to read mainly those with a western setting, but lately I’ve been finding I really like ones that introduce me to a new setting–like Jody Hedlund’s light house books. So, a fresh setting is always a good thing–even if it’s the same time period.

  76. Brenda Murphree

    Historical Fiction is my favorite to read even though I do enjoy several genres. My favorite era is before during and after the Civil War, but I enjoy other eras too.
    I did enjoyed your last book and the real life issues. I like for them to be accurate on the history and great on character development so I can get my heart and mind invested in them and you did this in your book. I love the tension between the romantic couple and for them to see each other often.
    I can’t wait to see what all happens in
    Evelyn’s life.
    I love Christian Fiction but I don’t have to have preaching or scriptures because I get that at church and reading my Bible. I read Christian Fiction because it’s clean. I will read secular books if they are clean. Now saying that, I will say I don’t mind having scriptures and enjoy the people that needs God and they find Him in the book and change their lives. But I don’t like full preaching mode as some has said.

  77. Cathy Lykens

    I have enjoyed reading books that are set in the first third of the 20th century….WWI precipitated a lot of change.

  78. Vicki Vaught

    I like how your characters are realistic & relatable. They have true to life struggles to overcome, all while challenging & strengthening their faith. I like the fact that they are not just cookie cutter stories & characters.

  79. Kristin H.

    I loved A Heart Most Certain especially because along with the love story, it included some really important and difficult topics that even though happened in the past, also happen in the present.

  80. Kathryn Voss

    When I pick up one of your books, I expect a clean read that will challenge me spiritually. I expect the characters to be complex and take me on a journey that causes me to examine my own life. So far I haven’t been disappointed!!!

  81. Lane Hill House

    Melissa, I like how the characters learn to rely on the Lord finding that it is the better way. I like to read lifestyle rather than giving words.
    This is part of my review for A Love at Last:
    I liked how the protagonists find out who they truly are by their willingness to risk sharing their weaknesses; foibles hidden even from themselves until they are awakened to the liability of them? How much of what we try to hide, or avoid, becomes the very thing that will free us, once it is revealed and dealt with? Finding they could rely on God when their own decisions waiver, becomes the very stepping stone needed to move forward.
    ~ And in A Heart Most Certain ~ part of the review: This story views how others are seen; as an onlooker or in some way extending a hand to help another climb out of an imprisonment they cannot escape on their own.
    Historical Fiction is my very favorite genre. From research, so much more is shared than we learned in school. Thank you. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  82. Carolyn Tye

    I have read three of your books. I have enjoyed each one. My favorite books have characters that have been strongly developed.

  83. Loraine Nunley

    I have not had the privilege of reading your books yet Melissa. I like historical inspirational fiction and I really love strong characters. I have stepped back from reading mail-order bride stories because I haven’t seen much new in those story lines. Best wishes on your pitch to the publishers and thanks for the giveaway!

  84. Kim

    Added to my Goodreads “want to read” list! I really like historical Christian fiction. So will either purchase a copy and/or ask my local library to purchase one!!

  85. Bonnijean Marley

    I have not read your books, but I am hoping to soon.

    Two things that annoy me in a book.
    1. When an object is described in detail and seems as if it will be important later in the the book, but that object is never mentioned again.
    2. When the author wants to have a character realize a biblical principle and has a character never seen before or after pop into the story to give advice.

  86. Sue Parrish

    I enjoy reading your books. I have read all of the so far. I like both historical and contemporary with some mystery thrown in. I find it hard to put your books down once I have started them so I have to start them early in the day or plan on a very late night. Excellent writing. I like strong characters who grow in their faith. I don’t know much about history in the Midwest since I am from Texas. I enjoy learning about other parts of the country. Keep up the good work!

  87. Dagnes Sutherland

    B. I appreciated your books’ descriptions of the scenery but also the dialogue was truthful. I prefer books that show the characters struggle and wrestle through their faith walks rather than perfect Christians. I don’t want to read a preachy book.

  88. Kim v

    Hi Melissa!

    I agree with everything another Kim stated above! What I really like from your books is when you tackle serious issues like abuse or sexual slavery in such a way that allows readers to grapple with the issues, but in an edifying and ultimately hopeful way. Weaving serious themes (and romance!) with God’s grace and redeeming love is something I admire and enjoy about your writing. As well as how your characters truly grow independently and as a couple throughout your stories. A Heart Most Certain is my favourite book from you so far and I’m looking forward to A Love So True.

  89. Melanie Backus

    Melissa, thank you for this opportunity. It is so refreshing to read a well written book with wonderful subject matter that has no foul language. A breath of fresh air. Thank you!

  90. Gracie

    I have only read one of your books before, but I am very excited to try out others.
    In Christian fiction, I like “meatier” stories, but also clean books. I like for there to be romance but not over-the-top drooling over his muscles, chiseled jaw, etc… πŸ˜‰
    I really really like books where Faith is the main focus.

    I am super excited to see how your new series turns out, and I look forward to trying out more of your books–Good Luck!

  91. Elizabeth

    Hi Melissa, I love your books! I have read every single one of them. I love your writing that gives such a clear picture of the characters facial expressions. You have a wonderful descriptive way of telling a story that keeps me interested. When I open one of your books, I wait for that “awww” moment that I have to read and re-read several times! I think your characters have a deeper connection than other authors that I have read. I hope you continue all of this becuase it makes for a wonderful escape. Can’t wait to read your next and congrats on finishing the series! =)

  92. Debra Slonek

    I enjoy when historical fiction has major events from history woven into the storyline. Examples would be The Great Chicago Fire, the Galveston Hurricane, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, any of the World’s fairs, and the sinking of the Tiranic.

  93. Brook Waddle

    My very first series I read was Love by the Letter! I wish you would have another mail order bride series or something western with a homesteading theme!

  94. Debbie Clatterbuck

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  95. Ashley Bass

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  96. Kara Groat

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  97. gina A

    I First read Love by the letter and then I had to read your other books:) I really enjoy historical christian novels that have a unique situation or conflict that the characters have to overcome. I get tired of stories with the same types of “spunky” heroines (E.g. I don’t need a man. If you offer to help me I bite your head off and assume you think I can’t do it myself. I’m not going to meet you half way in any argument because I’m always right). I understand that because authors are trying to appeal to a modern audience that they have to make them more “modern” in their thinking, but it gets very cliche when every character wants to be a doctor or lawyer or “can ride better than any man the hero has ever met”. There were forward thinking women back then I am sure, but it gets unrealistic when every character is like that. I like stories where the author makes the characters’ ideals and thinking more to their times but still have their issues be very relate-able.

  98. Renea

    When I read a heart most certain I had trouble putting the book down the determination of Lydia to secure his donation really kept my attention I can’t wait to read this new book. So looking forward to it. Keep up the good work your book was a pleasure to read. The only sad thing was the wait for the next book.

  99. Renea

    When I read a heart most certain I had trouble putting the book down the determination of Lydia to secure his donation really kept my attention I can’t wait to read this new book. So looking forward to it. Keep up the good work your book was a pleasure to read. The only sad thing was the wait for the next book.

  100. Raechel L.

    I love how your books are historical fiction, but still a light and pleasant read. Some HF can be really heavy, and sometimes hard to get through, but I’ve greatly enjoyed yours.
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  101. Sharon

    I am a retired librarian. I love reading historical Christian fiction. The connection between history and Christianity at that time really intrigues me. Please enter me in your contest. I love reading and would love to read your books. Thank you.

  102. Sharon W.

    I am a retired librarian. I love reading historical Christian fiction. The connection between history and Christianity at that time really intrigues me. Please enter me in your contest. I love reading and would love to read your books. Thank you.

  103. Jasmine

    Hi Deborah, saying hi because I really enjoy your books! I hope you do continue to write engaging stories. My favourite was A Bride for Keeps which kept me reading and rereading even after I had finished – there was just too much to take in! Looking forward to your future novels.