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Free or Cheap Christian Fiction:

I put up all the Christian Historical Ebooks that go on sale or free that I know of on my Inspirational Historical Fiction Index Facebook page.

If you want to see more genres than that, almost all the on sale and free ebooks I announce come through this blog: Christian Fiction for Your Kindle

Keep up with all the Christian Fiction giveaways that pop up all over the internet at this blog:  Fiction Addiction Fix

If you are trying to get my books for free, when I’m having giveaways, I post them on my Facebook Author Page. And if you subscribe to my Author Newsletter, opportunities to get books from me when they happen are sent to my newsletter subscribers and I have occasional random giveaways for subscribers too. (I only send out a newsletter  when I have big news — I don’t spam you or sell your address.)

Here are a links to lists of free public domain kindle or PDF history books that would be good primary sources.

I’ll add to the list when I find new ones. (I do not pretend to have read all of these, the titles or reviews clued me in on it most likely being a primary source and not a novel, but I could have included a novel by accident.)

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ALSO: The gentlemen’s book of etiquette and manual of politeness -1860 – Cecil Hartley and Ladies’ Indispensable Assistant

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  1. Linda Marie Finn

    Excellent books ! Thank you for posting them here as a reminder that we can learn from books already written and not only as authors but as women, training our daughters and sons.
    Linda Finn
    Faithful Acres Books
    Faithful Acres Academy
    Faithful Acres Homestead

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