1. Hi Deborah, saying hi because I really enjoy your books! I hope you do continue to write engaging stories. My favourite was A Bride for Keeps which kept me reading and rereading even after I had finished – there was just too much to take in! Looking forward to your future novels.

  2. Melissa I just finished reading A Heart Most Certian. I wrote on this guestbook in 2014 that I would be watching for your new books and I have. I have enjoyed all of them but this one touched my heart. I was so convicted after reading A Heart Most Certian. I had to ask myself do I truly reach out in love to the lost around me in a sacrificial way? Could I be doing more for God’s Kingdom? I love that the couple in this book opened their hearts and home to society’s forgotten. May Jesus use this book to remind all your readers that He can use all of us to Show His love.I also loved the Pastors wife. Thanks for the reminder that work for the Lord without the right reason and heart motive is just work. Jesus is worthy of all our praise and glory and efforts. Keep writing 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed The Love Letter story, but I am not sure what happened on my tablet because every so many pages it would say download. I would try to download the page and nothing happened then I would miss parts of the story. I kept on reading around the pages because I enjoyed the story very me much. I also read Bride for Keeps and Bride in Store before reading the love letter book. I liked being able to see how everybody revolved around each other. I just wish I didn’t have the blank pages. Looking forward to reading more of your books.

    • Hello Deborah!
      Thanks for reading my books. Glad you enjoyed them, hope you enjoy those coming up. A Bride at Last was fun for the epilogue when I got everyone in it. 🙂
      As to the blank pages, that sounds like a hardware problem. Here’s three options that might take care of it.

      Delete the book then redownload.

      Change the font back and forth to see if that makes a difference.

      Perform a hard restart (30-second power button hold or whatever your tablet requires you to do to go off instead of just to sleep).

      If I were to try one first, it would be the hard restart, it fixes a lot of my wonky kindle problems!

  4. Melissa, thank you for your wonderful book(s). I just read “A bride for keeps” and I could not stop before I read the last page (sorry for my family, but housekeeping had to wait). You wrote it so good and specially the things you wrote in the last chapters about Gods love for all of us, no matter what we did or do, makes the book a “must-read” for every woman. Most of us think they are not good enough for our loving God, but He already gave his Son for our sin, because He love us so much!
    “Love by the letter” was really too short and I was so happy that I could go on by reading “A bride for keeps”. I can’t wait until “Bride in store” will be translated in Dutch.
    Please go on writing books for us. God gave you this talent!!!

    • Annette, thanks for coming by and letting me know how you liked the book. Novella’s are short aren’t they. 🙂 But I’m happy that Dex and Rachel appear throughout the series so they haven’t “ended.” A Bride in Store will be out in Dutch, just not sure when!

  5. I read this week, two books of yours! What a surprising stories. For me as Dutch woman an unknownhistory. I like it! I am also a writer of historical stories but I write about the period around the Christianization of Europe. Welcome to my blog by the way. I have a translation button 🙂

  6. I some across your books while searching for new books for my nook. Once I read the free novella, I couldn’t wait to read the 2 full novels, & I was not disappointed! After reading A Bride for Keeps, I preordered A Bride in Store & was just enamored with it when it came out. Please keep writing!

    • Vicki, thanks for letting me know! There were many times I wanted to give up…..well there are still many times I want to give up. 🙂 But so glad you’re enjoying what I’m doing! Thanks for reading! A Bride at Last is coming too, hopefully you’ll enjoy that one just as much.

  7. Melissa, your first book A Bride For Keeps kept me so engaged! I loved it! I ran it to it by chance at our library while looking, as my “regular” authors were all checked out. I’m so glad I did. Except my first night reading you kept me up til 3am. I’m looking forward to the next one! And I’m an aspiring writer myself, so thank you so much for sharing all the helpful links and resources. I’ve been a copy writer as a profession, and do much marketing/writing for our business now, but soon hope to write my first novel.

    • Yay for a busy library! Glad you found me. 🙂 And I stay up til 2am sometimes even 4 (bad bad me) writing, so it seems I keep people up reading that late as well. I’m glad you found my resources helpful, so many people online helped me when I started out, I wanted to share the best stuff I found that helped me.

  8. MELISSA GREAT book. I have read 100s of Christian fiction books over the years. I am pleased that I can add your name to authors to watch for. I fell in love with both your main characters. I Can’t wait for William’s story. May God use your books to strengthen those of us who believe and shine a bright light for the lost to Find Christ.

  9. I really loved this book. I found my self not being able to put it down. Now I am starting the continuation of this one. Its hard to find the perfect book and author andi think I may have just got a third. Keep writing ill be done with this one in no time. Thank you.

    • Hey Stefanie! Thanks for being my very first guestbook person! So happy you liked the book, there are two more in the series, hope you like them as well. The next one (with the hero being William Stanton) will be out in September.

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