Familial Nicknames Through History

I struggle to know what I can or cannot call my period character’s family members, so I made myself a cheat sheet.


mamma 1570s or earlier

mama 1707

mum 1823

mummy 1839

mommy 1844

momma 1852

mom 1867


dad, daddy 1500 or earlier (universal, probably prehistoric)

papa 1681

pa 1811

pop 1838

poppa 1897


sis 1650

sissy 1846


bro 1660

bubba 1860


granny 1660

grandmamma 1749

grandma 1793

gran 1863


grandpappa 1753

granddaddy 1769

grandpa 1814

granddad 1819

nana 1844

grandpappy 1853

grandpop 1860

gramp 1898

Extended family

auntie/aunty 1787

coz 1550

cuz 17c.

Compiled from www.etymonline.com


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