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Mail-order bride Eliza Cantrell is on her way to meet her intended groom and help him grow his general store business when her train is held up by robbers and she loses her dowry. She’s further thwarted upon arriving in Salt Flatts only to find Axel, her groom, away on business. Hoping a wife would push Axel to become a better business partner, William Stanton had encouraged him to seek a mail-order bride. With Axel gone, Will feels responsible for Eliza, so he finds her a place to stay and lets her help in the store. Working together isn’t what they’d expected, and when Axel is further delayed, neither can ignore the sparks that fly. But Eliza is meant for Axel and is set on a future with the store, while Will is biding time until he can afford medical school. Their troubles are far from over when Axel returns to town, however, and soon both Will and Eliza must decide what they’re willing to sacrifice to chase their dreams–or if God has a new dream in store for them both.


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Discussion Questions Recommended by Reader Review:

I also really enjoyed her discussion questions! Most books I skim over these because they are so “blah”. Her’s are great and I would suggest her series for a book club for sure!” – Breath Perfumed


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Online Reviews:

With vivid writing, the growth and transformation of the plot, as well as the characters, made me a happy reader indeed….A Bride in Store is a fun, enticing tale with a lot of depth and reality to it. It was romantic. It was real. And it was really good.”

The Engrafted Word

“I loved Ms. Jagears debut novel and this one is just as good, if not better. She has a way of creating flawed characters that endear themselves to the reader.”

All Things are Possible

” If you like a full-bodied historical romance, the kind that keeps you guessing about if and how the couple will get together, then A Bride in Store will be the perfect book for you. It’s one of the best books I’ve read so far this year.”

Inspirational Romance Ratings

” Have you ever started a book and been drawn into the story on the very first paragraph of the first chapter or been smiling and sighing on the very last paragraph of the epilogue? Well, this book will do just that!…. You will be engaged by Melissa’s writing and also surprised more than once with the turn of events throughout the chapters in the characters lives. I would highly recommend this book – it’s a joy to read!”

The Enchanting Rose

Thanks to Erin at “I Think I’m ObsessedA Bride in Store has an official song and I think it fits perfectly!



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  1. Rita Fisher

    I’ve just finished Books 1 & 2 of the Unexpected Brides Series and looking forward to Book 3. I wanted to Pre-order this in ebook. Could you tell me if this book will come in ebook form? If so when it can be pre-ordered.

    Thank you,
    Rita Fisher.

  2. Phyllis Autry

    I have read the first two books. I am so excited about this third book. You see both me and my granddaughter (Clarity) are in this book. I hope we can continue to be part of stories as they continue to many more books you will write. I am letting all my friends and family know. Thank you!

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