blindedbylovecoverMy novella in The Convenient Bride Collection entitled Blinded by Love is unofficially a part of the Unexpected Brides Series.

The hero, Neil Oliver, is Rachel Stanton’s brother who you see in a few scenes of Love by the Letter.

Neil Oliver is a man of few words and a lot of property, but when he’s informed his failing eyesight may lead to blindness, he knows he needs to find someone to help him that he can trust. Helen Barker has helped raise her sister’s children over the last two decades and will soon be a burden to her brother-in-law’s empty nest. Though she’s not a beauty, Neil has often engaged her in theological discussions, which she’s always found amusing since he fails at normal conversation with anyone else. When he proposes a marriage of convenience, she takes the chance to leave behind spinsterhood despite Neil’s reclusive ways. Will two people set in their ways figure out how to love when sharing words and feelings don’t come naturally?

Online Reviews:

“Melissa Jagears’ novella, Blinded by Love, is a refreshingly unique piece of Christian historical fiction. Her heroine, Margaret, is forty-seven!!! Shocking in Christian romance for a heroine to be this old. I’ve been told for the CBA market that I couldn’t make my leading ladies over thirty five! So when I read Margaret’s age I sent up a “Huzzah!!!”

Overcoming with God

“I found this collection to be fantastic! This might just be one of my favorite collections that have been released so far. So often, novellas have too much story to be told within their pages and that makes them feel rushed or too contrived. Not so with this collection. ”

D.L. Kamstra