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Ever since Charlotte Andrews bested four-eyed Harrison Gray in a shooting competition when they were teenagers, he decided a tough, show-off girl like Charlie didn’t need him to look after her. Now a teacher at the local school, Harrison learns Charlie intends to marry a neighbor who comes from a long line of no-good troublemakers and, for some inexplicable reason, it falls to him to talk some sense into her…if she has any under that tomboy exterior.

Their heated confrontation unfortunately takes place right as a bad storm is coming on and, in the melee of arguing and taking shelter, Harrison’s glasses are knocked off his face and broken when Charlie’s horse crushes them under a hoof. Harrison and Charlie may have their differences, but she can see from his panic that the loss of his glasses is a blow to him. She volunteers to help him at school until his new pair of special order glasses arrive despite knowing the one place she can’t best Harrison is in the classroom.

Online Reviews:

What a unique and absolutely wonderful novella this was! The author did such a good job at creating two characters who have flaws, but are utterly likable, as well. Harrison and Charlotte (Charlie) have great chemistry, a problematic history, and I had to laugh at the fact that their first kiss wasn’t all that great for them! I really enjoyed this story and loved watching these two characters grow so much from beginning to end.


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