Looking for how to write fiction for the beginner? Here are a few “courses” online that will give you the basics. I’ll add more if I stumble upon them.

Fundamentals of Fiction – by Marg Gilks

Writing Series – by Kaye Dacus

Advice on Novel Writing by Crawford Kilian

Pitfalls of Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy by Vonda McIntyre

Top 10 Mistakes New Fiction Writers Make by Suzanne Harmann

Just about Write Article Archive by Nann Dunne

Tips for Writers by Gail Martin

Writing Advice by Caro Clarke

Wordplay: Most Common Mistakes Series by K.M.Weiland

Tips on Writing Novellas by ME!

Write This Way: Top 10 Novel Starting Mistakes by Suzanne

Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine for writing articles

10 Things that Red Flag a Newbie Novelist

Write Using the Snowflake Method

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Hero and Heroine in Total Conflict

Tips on Writing Novellas

Melissa’s 7 Phases of Writing